Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow

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Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow
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Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow


The patented Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow is recommended by midwives and is recognised as the only specifically designed pregnancy pillow to adequately support back, bump and knees at the same time without taking up all the room in the bed. The Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow can too be used as a breast feeding support. Supporting your back and keeping your baby at the correct height and position for breast feeding.

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Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow White

. Multi-Award Winning

. Supports Back, Bump & knees without taking up all of the room in the bed

. Encourages you to sleep on your left side (which is the best position for mum & baby) – but can be used just as comfortably on the right hand side

. Encourages maximum blood-flow between mother and baby

. If used from around 20 weeks can help to encourage optimal foetal positioning which can lead to a shorter and less painful labour with less chance of intervention

. Patent protected

. 9/10 women would recommend the Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow to a friend



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