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The Gro Company

We stock The Gro Company’s Full Range of practical products. We have such a comprehensive range of products from Gro that are all extremely practical and useful for any new Moms and Dads.

The Gro Egg.

The gro egg, designed by the Gro Company, is a wonderful little device. The purpose of the gro egg is simply to indicate the correct room temperature for your little one. The egg changes colour with the temperatures as follows: Blue- 16°C and below is too cold, Orange- 16°C to 20°C is the recommended temperature, Darker orange- 20°C  to 24°C  is a little warm and finally, red- 24°C  and above is too hot. The egg can also be used as a subtle night light in the baby’s room. The gro egg will keep your mind at ease as you will not have to read the temperature in the baby’s room at 2/3am in the morning. The light will quickly assure you that the temperature is perfect or may need to be adjusted. But Mums and Dads will ask why must we regulate the temperature in your baby’s room? Firstly, correct room temperature will ensure that your baby will sleep for a longer period comfortably. Secondly, a high room temperature is associated with an increased risk of SIDS. Therefore it is vital that we ensure the temperature of our little one’s room is correct and what better device to help us with this only the fantastic Gro Egg!


The Gro Light.

The Gro Light is a simple, quick fix, convenient solution to providing a little light at night time for your children. The idea of the gro light is to basically provide a low level of light so one can check in on their baby or child without disturbing them throughout the night. The device is very easy to fit and easy to use. With just one click the gentle night light will come on and with two clicks the main bulb will come on. You will no longer need to free up a socket on the wall for a night light as the gro light will provide that gentle light, sending your kids to sleep comfortably. When your little one no longer requires the gro night light when sleeping, you could easily move the light to the hallway or landing. That way your children will be able to find the toilet with no trouble during the night. It’s a worthwhile buy for any home!!

The Gro hush.

The gro hush is a relatively new product on the market with the Gro company and has already become a must have product with parents and their babies. The gro hush is simply a device which is designed to calm your baby using three different forms of white noise; mother’s heartbeat reassuring the baby, rain on the roof soothing and ocean waves. The device fits into an adults hand and has an elasticated strap so one can hold the gro hush against a baby’s head. The gentle soothing sound of each noise surely will keep your baby calm and relaxed. If a baby is irritated or uneasy, the baby calmer will recreate the environment of the womb for the baby as noise of the mother’s heartbeat will reassure the baby, in turn soothing them.  The gro hush has a soothing pad which is removable for washing and a small travel case to keep the device safe. If you are finding it hard to calm or settle your baby, then the gro hush is the product for you!

The Gro Blind.

The gro anywhere blind is a MUST have product from the Gro company! In the spring and summer nights it may be difficult to get your child to sleep as the light is streaming into their room.  The gro blind is a portable blackout blind which ensures that your little one will sleep right through the bright early mornings. The blind is very easy to use, as it I folded out and placed onto the window using suction cups, the remaining part of the blind which is unused can be folded away using the Velcro adjustable system. The blind adapts to fit any size window up to 130cm x 198cm. The gro blind comes with a travel bag allowing the blind to travel anywhere you go and creating the exact dark room atmosphere as in their own home. With one of these gro blinds, it ensures that your child won’t wake up with light shining through the window! Perfect night’s sleep guaranteed!

The Gro Harness

The Chair Harness designed by the Gro Company is a portable harness which creates a toddler seat anywhere you go. This small neat little gadget comes with a carrier bag which keeps it nice and compact when travelling here and there. What parents love about the gro harness is when in a restaurant they can sit close to their child and don’t require a high chair, it somewhat trains little ones that when in their harness it’s time to sit and eat. Instructions which come with the product are very clear and easy to follow. Recommended by almost every parent that has one, the gro harness is a clever little product to feed your little one on the go!

The Gro Swaddle

What is swaddling and why should we do it? Swaddling is the act of wrapping your baby up in a blanket creating a warm, snug and secure environment for a baby. A baby can be swaddled from birth up until they get too active for the snug blanket. Swaddling can be performed when putting the baby to sleep as it forms a calm, tight and warm environment, almost like its mother’s womb. The gro swaddle is a blanket especially designed for swaddling your baby, the cleverly shaped blanket wraps around your baby snuggly keeping them secure and safe throughout the night. The gro swaddle is the ideal first step before your baby uses the Grobag which is generally 0-3M.

The Grobag

The Grobag is a baby sleeping bag which ensures that your baby will sleep safely at night time. The gro bag is the safer alternative to loose blankets and sheets in the cot. Recommended by the Lullaby Trust, every gro bag meets the British safety standards ensuring all parents will be comfortable and of sound mind every night when their baby sleeps. Gro bags are available in sizes 0-6M, 6-18M, 18-36M and 3-6 years. There are 3 togs to choose from: 1 tog which is suitable for summer months 21-23 , 2.5 tog which can be used all year round at 16-20  and 3.5 tog in cold months at temperatures 12-15 . The recommended temperature in which a baby should sleep in is 16-20 , and each gro bag includes a free nursery thermometer. Temperature is vital important for your little ones. It is important that the room isn’t too warm or too cold as its will disturb your little one. A travel system is an additional feature on some gro bags which allows you to place your little one in the car seat using the five point harness system. How handy is this for morning journeys!! Gro bags are a must have for keeping any baby warm and cosy all night.

The Grosuit

What makes the grosuit stand out from any other baby gro is its feature of its quilted sleeves. The quilted sleeves are designed to work with the Grobag as it provides the quilted blanket through the entire body i.e. if one had a Grobag of 2.5 tog, one would use a gro suit of 2.5 tog). For the cold wintery months in Ireland grosuits are ideal as they are intended for use in 18  and under. Besides the quilted arms the rest of the grosuit is a single layer of cotton fabric ensuring that your baby won’t overheat when using it with the Grobag. All grosuits are produced using the softest high quality 100% cotton. Grosuits are available in colours for girls, boys and neutrals and the size ranges from 0-3M, 3-6M, 6-9M and 9-12M.