Fed up of putting your little ones sock on 20 times a day?

socks1_lrgeKeeping your baby’s socks on seems easy peasy when in hindsight is actually a very difficult task! Crazy I know . . .

Little ones are clever, one sock on and by the time you’ve the second one on- the first ones off again! Socks are a baby’s favourite toy and any parent’s worst nightmare when they are constantly being kicked off. I’m sure you’re all fed up of losing a sock every so often too. . .

Well then say goodbye to the sock monsters who are always pulling our little one’s socks off and say hello to “Socks-ons”. “Socks-ons” are simply worn over your baby’s regular socks, preventing them from escaping the foot. Not only will your little ones feet stay nice and toasty, but you too will have that extra second to grab a coffee in the morning. WIN WIN for everybody!!

Available in store at €4.50, sizes 0-6M and 6-12M.