AW15 – Baby Changing Bags.

Pink Lining baby changing bags

Why not join the Pink Lining family this Autumn/Winter? In stock now, we have a fabulous selection of Yummy Mummy and Blooming Gorgeous changing bags. What Mums especially love about Pink Lining’s changing bags is their vintage, colourful and stylish designs, and each bag is completely different.

This Autumn/Winter there are three different patterns to choose from: Cream butterflies on Navy is a fabulous dark colour when entering into the fall, Tulips and forget me nots is a neutral cream and beige colour along with red tulips all over and finally, Penguin Love has a very eye catching pattern of penguins holding hands.

With each bag this season, you can clearly see the   attention to detail on each bag especially on the front pocket of the bag where appliqued stitching of either vibrant cupcake or flowers can be seen. Pink Lining has seriously got us tied for which one is our favourite this season? We cannot decide!! Which one is your fav? At Cribs Nursery Store Ennis, these gorgeous new bags are NOW available for all you excited Mums waiting to get your hands on one of these baby changing bags.

Each Pink Lining bag features:

–          Durable PU which makes up the bag, allowing it to be easily wiped down.

–          Two insulated bottle holders.

–          Two nappy pockets.

–           Pen holder, key fob and mirror.

–           Phone pocket, small zip pocket and small exterior pocket.

–          Padded changing mat and wet zip bag for nappies or wet clothes.

Pink Lining Tulips and forget me


Storksak baby changing bags

Baby changing bags from the Storksak company are luxurious must have bag! You will be the envy of all Mums out and about. Storksak bags are changing bags designed in such a way they don’t look like changing bags! They look incredible, just like a normal handbag which is why we love these bags so much!

Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt have been spotted with these gorgeous Storksak changing bags. This Autumn, Ennis will have these gorgeous new AW15 Nina Teardrop Navy bags in stock which is a dark navy colour suitable for the AW15, along with Nina Print Tan and the fabulous Noa Changing Bag. Other eye-catching Storksak bags which we have available can be viewed here:

Each Storksak bag features:

–          Durable PU which makes up the bag, allowing it to be easily wiped down.

–          Built in stroller straps securing your bag to the buggy.

–          Compact changing mat to bring with you everywhere.

–          Insulating bottle holders, keeping your bottles warm for up to 4 hours.

–          An insulated Snackysak keeping food warm or cool for up to four hours.

Storksak Nina Teardrop



Babymel baby changing bags

WOW! Babymel have brought out their most desirable baby changing bag yet. Who wouldn’t want one of these stunning bags? The new season Babymel bags look like normal hand bags, little would anyone think it’s your baby changing bag! They are just to die for, leatherette bags which are ever so stylish!

What makes this bag is its minimalistic look, curved top and carrier handles. The included stroller straps can be attached and detached to suit your needs. Inside the baby bag are two nappy holders, a zip lock pocket for Mums personal belongings and a baby changing mat. The insulated bottle holder this time round is hidden at the side of the bag and it will keep the bottles warm for up to four hours depending on the external temperature. There is so much space for all bits and bobs which is another plus. This sophisticated bag is reasonably priced as it has everything from being stylish to your needs for you and you baby. 10/10 Babymel we absolutely adore them, well done!

Each Babymel bag features:

–          A compact padded changing mat which you can take with you.

–          Wipe clean lining on the inside, as well as a wipe clean exterior.

–          An insulated bottle holder or insulated side pocket keeping bottles warm for up to 4 hours.

–          Multi- compartments to store personal belongings of yours and your little one.

Babymel Grace Changing