Dreamgennii Summer Offer


DreamGenii-pregnancy-supportfeeding-pillow1_lrgeDreamgenii Summer Offer

The classic white Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow is on sale from €64.99 to €55.00

– Supports Back, Bump & knees without taking up all of the room in the bed

– Encourages you to sleep on your left side (which is the best position for mum & baby) – but can be used just as comfortably on the right hand side

– Encourages maximum blood-flow between mother and baby

– If used from around 20 weeks can help to encourage optimal foetal positioning which can lead to a shorter and less painful labour with – less chance of intervention

– Comes with a removable, washable cover on the pillow

– Patent protected

– 9/10 women would recommend the Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow to a friend

The Dreamgenii can also be used as a nursing pillow